The Coin app is the first app that allows you to travel in the physical world and collect digital assets that can be redeemed for XYO or merchandise.
Geomining is the act of providing location-based data in exchange for digital assets.
Once you have collected your digital assets, you can choose to keep them in the app, or you can redeem them for merchandise or XYO you would like to store in an external wallet.
To request a withdrawal, simply tap the assets bar where the total XYO collected is displayed and a screen with your asset totals should appear. Select the asset you wish to redeem or withdraw and tap the respective button on the bottom right of the screen. XYO withdrawals require that you have at least 10k XYO and your account is at least 2 weeks old. Once an XYO withdrawal is requested, you should receive an email with further instructions.
In the app tap the profile icon on the top right and then tap the pencil icon next to the displayed email address. Follow the following prompt to change your email. If you have forgotten your password, you can sign out, type in your email, and tap forgot password to update it.
In the app tap the profile icon on the top right and make sure the displayed email is correct. If it is not, update it to the correct email, then tap sign out. Enter your email, tap the next button, and then tap "Forgot Password" on the following screen. An email will be sent to that email adress to reset your password.
When you open the app, an anonymous account is created for you. Anonymous accounts cannot withdraw digital assets and should be converted to email accounts to prevent losing collected digital assets. To create an account, tap the profile icon on the top right, then tap "Sign In." On the following screen, provide your email address. If an account exists for that email address you will be prompted to provide a password to sign in, otherwise you will be prompted to create a new account.
To geomine an area, you will need to have Location Services turned on and allowed for COIN. You cannot geomine tiles you have already geomined recently. Tiles become available again after a variable amount of time and will disappear when ready to geomine again.
A geomining device is a Sentinel or Bridge (components of the XYO Network). Currently Sentinels are the only geomining devices that work with COIN. Bridge support is coming soon. These devices allow us to validate your location data and so make your data worth more. As a result of geomining with these devices you will earn up to 12x what you would earn without them in proximity.
For a limited time you can get one free here:
This is technically possible, but we don't recommend it because it can make it look like you are spoofing location and that can result in your account being suspended. Use separate accounts on each device and when you want to withdraw you can request the XYO goes to the same wallet address.
You can see the current market price of XYO here:
The COIN app automatically connects and keeps the Sentinels that are in range awake when you geomine.
Yes, you can redeem it for the following items:

XYO Shirt: 6k
XYO Hat: 7.5k
XYO Collectable Coin: 24k
Please reach out to support to redeem your in-game collected XYO for one of these items.
Geomining tiles or squares are about 130 feet wide (16,900 square feet).
The grey tile or square on the map indicates another user has geomined there recently. You can't geomine your own tiles that are replenishing, but you can geomine others.
The clear tiles around the globe are all currently randomly valued, so no need to seek out a particular areas over others. If you have a sentinel detected while you mine, your rewards are up to 12x higher. Gold tiles indicate a geodrop and could be from the COIN system or another user. Only a single user can claim these geodrops and the values within them are predefined by the system or user that dropped them.
If multiple users are geomining in a similar area, the rewards available in that area are shared by all the active geominers.
COIN collects the Sentinel info and it acts as a witness to your location, helping us verify that users were actually at the location they were geomining. Your location info gets stored in a database and as the XYO network develops and more edge nodes are active, the data will be used for verifying proximity and location based questions. The current goal of COIN is to get more of these edge nodes active by incentivizing them with XYO so we can establish the network.
Please allow up to 3 business days for your withdrawal to be completed. If you are still waiting, chances are your request is missing your personal wallet address. You should have received an email with a link to provide this after requesting the withdrawal. If you did not, please just visit, login to the account you made the withdrawal request with, and provide your wallet address (making sure to press the "Confirm" button after entering it). If after following those steps, you still are seeing your request processed, feel free to reach out to support for more assistance.
Not to worry, your balance is saved in your account. You may have run into an issue that just requires and app restart or you may have accidentally created a new account. First try restarting the app and if that doesn't work, tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the app and pay close attention to the spelling of your email address. If it is incorrect, try signing out and signing back in with your correct email address. If it is correct, you may have previously created an account with a misspelled address and you should reach out to support to track it down so we can help you resolve the issue.
You may already have an account in the system. You can use this link to reset the password for an email address and if it already exists, you will receive an email with instructions on how to update your password.
You may have forgotten your password. You can use this link to reset your password and try again.
The most common reason Sentinels are not detected is because they aren't on. Make sure they are on by pressing their button. If you don't hear any noise when the button is pressed, the battery may be dead and need replacing. Once Sentinels are awake, geomine in COIN to keep them awake. If this doesn't help with the problem, try closing the COIN app and restarting your Bluetooth. If the problem still persists, try restarting your Phone.
A geodrop is tile that has a stored amount of XYO in it, in addition to the globably distributed XYO available when geomining. These tiles are indicated by a gold color. To collect these, be the first user to geomine that tile and you should see an icon appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Tap that and then tap the box that appears to open it and get the rewards inside.
To geodrop, tap the assets bar, then tap "Geodrops", then "Add Geodrop." A screen to configure your geodrop should then appear. On this screen you can select the amount of XYO you would like to drop from your total. You can drop it on the current tile you are in or any tile. Any tile means the next geomined tile anywhere. You can also restrict it to an email. This allows you to send your collected XYO to another user. Finally, you can add a short note with the geodrop that will only be seen by the user that opens it.
You cannot collect your own geodrop through geomining the tile. Your own geodrops will appear as an outline of gold rather than the whole tile being filled in. To recall a geodrop, tap the assets bar, tap "Geodrops", then find the geodrop you wish to recall in the list, tap it, and then finally tap "Recall." This will make it unavailable to users. If your geodrop is already collected, it will not show in the list and you cannot recall it.
To see your top geomines, simply tap the asset bar then tap the chart icon in the XYO asset row. You can currently see your top 5 geomines in the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

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