What is this page?

The following is a description of some of our current thoughts about COIN Boss. Some, none, or all of the following may be included in the first realease of COIN Boss.

What is COIN Boss?

There has been a lot of demand for further enhancements on Geodropping and user created content in COIN. To this end, we will be introducing COIN Boss in the near future. If you are interested in getting an early peek at what COIN Boss offers, please signup at

There are many aspects of COIN Boss that we have not made final decisions on yet and we will be launching it in stages, but I would like to share some of our current thoughts and plans with you. None of the following is set in stone, and we are looking for feedback from the community to help us form the best solution.

What is the main goal?

The main goal of COIN Boss is to allow people to partake in being curators of the COIN experience. This includes both user generated content (UGC) such as quests and in-app items and sponsorship opportunities.

The simplest of these are better ways to drop and sponsor geodrops. People are already using geodrops for advertising and making their own experiences.

What about content quality?

One of the main challenges for COIN Boss is managing the content that is created. Initially we will allow access to COIN Boss on an invite only basis, but as it grows, we will have to put technology in place to allow the content to be self policing.

Our initial thought on managing the quality of the COIN Boss content is to use crypto economics to manage the system. This means that users wanting to be a content producer or advertiser are required to stake XYO Tokens. The stake size will determine the amount of content or advertising that the user is allowed to create.

The stake serves as a way for the user to be penalized for poor quality content, and ultimately, a way to provide high-quality and desired content to our users. Stake is also at risk if a user violates the established rules.

The end-goal is to have a community-based policy enforcement system, essentially run by the democracy of our users. However, we will start COIN Boss off with an authoritative review system paired with community involvement.

As community involvement increases and becomes active enough, we will transition policy enforcement to semi-autonomous, and finally to a fully autonomous community-based policy enforcement system.

How do I get in on this?

Use the button below to join the COIN Boss email list so you can receive the invite survey once it is available.

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